The Twin Coast Cycle Trail runs through beautiful landscapes, past lakes, rivers, through old railway tunnels, over the longest wooden rail bridge in New Zealand and historic towns.

The Twin Coast Cycle Trail is 87 km long running from Opua on the East Coast to Horeke on the West. This is divided into four sections and can be ridden in either direction.

The heart & central point of the cycle trail is Kaikoke and Kaikohe is also the high ground at 200 meters above sea level. Opua & Horeke are the beginning & the end of the cycle trail and both ends are at sea-level. Therefore it’s worth considering starting at the center being Kaikohe & descend in either direction to Opua or Horeke. On your second day choose the other direction. With Twin Coast Adventures based in Kaikohe. It’s easy for our team to send one of our shuttle coaches with a bike trailer to pick up & return you to Kaikohe. We also provide a shuttle service to travel the other way around.

The colorful town of Kaikohe is centrally located in Northland and has a range of cafes, restaurants, fast food shops, two large supermarkets, a Warehouse, petrol stations, a post office, banks, and a variety of other shops.

Twin Coast Adventures offers Cycle tours, bike hire, shuttles and motel and backpackers accommodation on Northland’s beautiful Twin Coast Cycle Trail.

The trail goes through some diverse scenery with spectacular views, but it also takes you on a fascinating journey through some of New Zealand’s earliest Maori and European settlements. The storyboards along the way bring to life the history and stories of the local people.

The complete distance of the trail is 87km which is considered as a 2 day venture. The highest point is 320m at Kaikohe Hill. To find out more about each section of the trail and to plan your ride please click on the trail links below.